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Get Started with RentPress

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Get Started with RentPress


How do I download the RentPress plugin?
RentPress plugin can be downloaded for free. When you’re signed in to the WordPress dashboard on your site, visit Plugins > Add New and search for “RentPress” in the search box. Click Install to start the installation process.

Downloading RentPress plugin

Alternatively, you can get RentPress from the WordPress plugin directory ↗ by clicking the Download link. This will save the zip file to your computer.

How do I install RentPress on my site?
If you searched for RentPress from your WordPress dashboard, once the Install button has changed to Activate, click to activate. Then, you can start setting up RentPress from the RentPress > RentPress Settings page.

The RentPress zip file installs just like any other plugin for WordPress. You can find installation instructions in the How to Install RentPress article.

Also note that you can use FTP to upload the entire RentPress folder to your WordPress site. To do this, follow the How to Install RentPress article.

How do I see property data?
At this point, RentPress will create custom post types in your sidebar for Properties and Floorplans. Additional utility post types of Neighborhoods and Units will appear in the sidebar as well. Now, you’re ready to set up RentPress.

From here, you can choose to Connect RentPress to your Property Data Feed if you have purchased a subscription.

Otherwise, you can Add Property Data Manually, and you’ll want to check the Add Floor Plans article and Add Units article.

Then, you will want to start setting up templates to display data to your website users.

Does RentPress include templates I Can Use?

Once you have property data on your site, you can get started quickly by enabling the included templates. These templates are designed for use on a website that markets a single property.

First, make sure the Single Property Website option is enabled, then Save. You’ll want to make sure to enable the Single Floor Plan Template and the Floorplans Grid Template options if you would like both. Otherwise, you can leave one or both of these disabled if you would like to write your own templates. After choosing your selections, click Save Changes.

Also note that you can customize the included templates. To do so, follow the How To Set Up and Customize RentPress Templates article.

If you do not wish to use the included templates and want to code your own, you can reference the article for Custom Post Types and Meta Data Provided by RentPress.

Does RentPress have shortcodes I Can Use?

RentPress has a handful of customizable shortcodes you can place on your site. A list of variables and examples can be read in the RentPress Shortcodes article.

Last Updated On November 07, 2019