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How To Add A Floor Plan

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This document details how to add a new floor plan to a property on your site.


You must have RentPress installed, at least one property created, and a property code entered for any properties you have.

Helpful articles:

Create a New Floor Plan

Once activated, RentPress creates a custom post type in the wp-admin area named ‘Floor Plans.’

Navigate to the post type for “Floor Plans” and click “Add New” to get started. Enter the basic floor plan info in the “Floor Plan Information” area fields at the bottom of the page. Make sure to use unique numbers for “Floor Plan ID” and to enter the same Property Code you used when creating the property into the “Floor Plan Parent Property” field. An image can be added via the Set Featured Image functionality, or by pasting a link to an image in the Floor Plan Image URL field.

These fields are necessary for the best RentPress experience:
  • Floor Plan ID – Only numbers and letters, no punctuation or spaces
  • Floor Plan Name – Can be anything you want to show (Letters, Numbers, Punctuation, Spaces are all accepted)
  • Bedroom Count – Only whole numbers
  • Bathroom Count – Can be whole and half numbers (using decimals, e.g.: 1.5)
  • Minimum Square Feet – Enter the smallest square footage applicable to this floor plan
  • Maximum Square Feet – Enter the largest square footage applicable to this floor plan (even if it is the same)
  • Minimum Rent – Enter the starting price for this floor plan
  • Maximum Rent – Enter the highest price for this floor plan
  • Availability URL – Enter a link where you want to send shoppers to who are ready to apply
  • Floor Plan Parent Property – Enter the property code for the property that houses this floor plan – this will be the exact same as the property code you entered for your property
  • Publish your floor plan
  • Now, you can Add Units to Your Floor Plan


  • The value entered in both “Maximum” fields can be the same as each value entered in their corresponding “Minimum” fields, but they must not be lesser values
  • If you have uploaded a floor plan image to your WordPress Media Library, or would like to show an off-site image, the path to that image can be pasted in the Floor plan image URL field

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