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Templates Explained: Property Search

Table of Contents


RentPress includes many templates to display data on your website and get started quickly. Each template features customizability and can be extended by adding content. Each template is designed to sit in between your site theme’s header and footer and works best in a 100% width layout.

This article will explore the property search template. It’s important to know that the property search template is based on the Property Search Shortcode. If you find that the search template doesn’t quite meet the needs of the website, try the shortcode for more flexibility. Finally, note that using the shortcodes will allow for multiple search pages to fit your needs.

When added to your theme, this template will need to be assigned to a page on your site:

WordPress page editor with an arrow pointing to the page template chooser.

This menu will allow adding the template to this page.

Property Search Layout

The property searcvh template provided by RentPress.

The property search template provided by RentPress. Click for full resolution ↗️


Starting at the top, under the site header and navigation bar:

Filters Section

The property search template will attempt to generate filters from the property data on the site. The filters are designed to update each other to help minimize the number of times a visitor will get a “No Results” dead end.

These filters include:

Make sure to read the Shortcodes Documentation to learn about other ways to customize filters, including:

  • More: This section is configurable and is where all other search filters live, including
    • Pet friendly
    • Property Types
    • Featured Amenities
  • Hide filters altogether

Property Cards Section

At the top, visitors will see a count of how many properties they are looking through and how many others are available. Next to that is a menu to allow for selecting sort methods.

Below that is a list of property cards that pass the selected filters (if any are applied). Each property is represented by a property card consisting of:

By default, a maximum of 10 properties will display in an effort to save on requests and bandwidth. Visitors can click “Display More” to see the rest of the portfolio.

Map Section

If a Google or Mapbox map key is entered in settings, a map will display with pins for each property based on the Property Latitude and Longitude. The template will make every effort to display these pins with styling that matches your website, but there are limitations of loading these views from third party mapping sources. Make sure to adjust settings within your mapping source to your liking. You can also add a custom pin cluster marker for a Google Map in the Default Images section of RentPress Settings.

When clicked on, each pin will display a popup showing the property name, location, beds, and pricing. When clicked on, visitors will be taken to the property’s post page.

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