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How To Add a Unit

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Please note:

This document is for RentPress version 6 or earlier. If you are running version 7 and later, please reference RentPress Floor Plan Content (Version 7).


You must have RentPress installed, at least one property created, and at least one floor plan added to that property.

Create a New Unit

Similar to creating a property, navigate to the post type for “Units” and click “Add New Units” to get started. Enter the info for your Floor Plan, Unit Number, Rental Price, and a URL where prospects can apply for that specific unit. If you don’t have application links for individual units, that’s okay, but you will need to enter a valid URL to send prospects to apply.

Then save your changes.

Note that the Add Unit button will not be available or necessary if you have a Sync Key installed.

Delete a Unit

For assistance removing a unit, please review the How to delete units from your site article.