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How to Add a Property

Table of Contents


This document details the process for adding a new property listing to your WordPress website, which has the RentPress plugin installed.

Types of Property Listings Available in RentPress

There are two types of property listings which can be added with RentPress. One type is a static listing with manually-entered content. The ability to add a static page listing is immediately available after you install the RentPress plugin.

The other type is a dynamic listing. A dynamic listing allows you to share real-time pricing and availability directly from your property management system.

To upgrade to dynamic listings, purchase a monthly RentPress subscription. Click here to get started.

Add a Property Manually

For information about manually adding a new property listing or for information about additional content you can add, please see our article How To Add a Property Manually.

Adding a Dynamic Property Listing From a Data Feed in RentPress

Each property management software handles things differently. In most cases, the process will look like this:

  • Gather your data credentials.
  • Send the credentials to your 30 Lines Account Manager or submit a RentPress order form.
  • We will add the properties to our system and return a RentPress license key for your site.
  • Add the new license key in the RentPress: General Settings and you can run a manual resync.
    • Please note, any new properties will be added to the site (under “Properties” in the sidebar) as drafts – they will not be published until you are ready.
  • Once the sync has finished, review your new drafted property
  • Verify that the synced information looks right
  • For best results, fill in remaining fields with any additional information you might want (this could consist of: featured amenities, gallery shortcodes, additional search keywords, and more). More information can be found here.
  • Click “Publish,” and your new dynamic listing will go live with real-time pricing and availability

For detailed instructions, choose your data provider below.

Add RentCafe Property

Please see our article Add a New RentCafe Property.

Add Entrata Property

Please see our article Add a New Entrata Property.

Add RealPage Property

Please see our article Add a New RealPage Property.

Add MRI Market Connect Property

Please see our article Add a New MRI Software Property.

Add Resman Property

Please see our article Add a New Resman Property.

Adding Content to a Property

You can add content to any property to enhance its online presence. For tips, details, and more, please see Property Editor and Content Fields.

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