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Check RentCafe Data Feed

Table of Contents


This article is for use with version 1 of the RentCafe API. If you are using version 2, this article and the data feed may not apply.

This document details how to check the raw data feed from RentCafe. You will find a tool to help build the links to check those feeds, and documentation of RentCafe’s error codes.

Please note: Depending on your settings, RentCafe typically updates the feed a couple of times per day. If any changes are made in the management software (including revenue management updates) after RentCafe has updated the feed, those updates will not be seen in the feed (and thus not reflected on RentPress, ILS listings, etc) until after the next time the feed updates. You’ll want to make sure your systems are organized so that your feed updates last in your software chain.

RentPress will request new data from the RentCafe feed every 2 hours to ensure that your website matches your feed to the best of our ability.

We recommend first checking your ILS listings. While this is obviously checking on the results of the feed and not the feed itself, RentPress uses the same data feed as your ILS listings. So, we recommend checking those listings first to see if the pricing and availability match.

To check the data that RentCafe is sending, you’ll need to visit the feed directly.

You’ll need:

  • Your RentCafe API Token for your company
  • The Property Code for the property you’re investigating

This article about Adding a New RentCafe Property details how to find these credentials.

While the RentCafe data can be viewed in a regular web browser, you may also want a tool to help format the JSON that is returned. Our favorites include:

  • JSONVue Chrome Extension – Link ↗
  • Online JSON Formatter – Link ↗
  • Postman development environment application – Link ↗

There are different API calls for

  • Property marketing information
  • Floorpan listing
  • Unit availability
  • Pricing matrix / Lease Term Options (as applicable)

Make sure to choose the correct option below.

Note that if one or more of Marketing Information, Floorplan listing, and Unit Availability return an error from RentCafe, you will not be able to see real-time pricing and availability through RentPress.

RentCafe Error Codes

Occasionally, RentCafe will return an error code on one or more of the API calls. Those error codes can be translated here. Please reference these error codes when talking with your RentCafe representative.

1000 = Invalid Credentials

1010 = Invalid Company

1020 = Invalid Property

1030 = Invalid Request Type

1040 = Invalid User

1050 = No data found for company/property

1060 = No active property found for the property

1070 = Property not configured for API

1100 = Other Error

9999 = Request was denied

Use Another Tool

While the RentCafe data can be viewed in a regular web browser, you may also want a tool to help format the JSON that is returned. We recommend:

  • Postman development environment application – Link ↗

Contact Support

If you need further assistance, we recommend reaching out to RentCafe directly for support. If they have questions specifically what RentPress is looking for, contact your 30 Lines Account Manager and we will be happy to assist as needed, or click here to submit a ticket.

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