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Remove -1 Value from RentCafe Data Feed

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This document tells us how to adjust your floor plan settings in the RentCafe Site Manager so that they don’t publish -1 values for your rent prices.

In most cases, the -1 value is coming through because there are no units set to a floor plan, or the configuration is set to use only Available Units.

Fix #1

One way to fix this is to:

  • Visit your RentCafe Site Manager
  • Click into Content & Settings > Floor Plans in the left-hand navigation panel
  • Click into Apartments tab in the right-hand panel ( see screenshot below )
  • Set the Displaying Apartments That Are dropdown value to a value that actually outputs units in the table

Fix #2

The second way to fix is to:

  • Visit your RentCafe Site Manager
  • Click into Content & Settings > Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
  • In the right-hand panel, expand the Pricing Settings accordion option
  • For the For Fully Occupied Floor Plans Display value, you can set the value to be Call for Details (
    yields -1 if no units ), Actual Rent Range ( recommended – returns rent range even if no units WE MAINLY CHOOSE THIS ), and Revenue Management Floor Plan Pricing ( uncommon )

After you have attempted each of these fixes and you still are getting -1 values for your floor plans, please contact Yardi/RentCafe directly to discuss with them what might be the issue

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