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Please note:

This document is for RentPress version 6 and earlier. If you are running version 7 or above, please reference RentPress Settings: Integrations.


RentPress: Integrations Configuration

Integrations Configuration

RentPress offers integrations with several outside services. In some cases, you will need to configure how these integrations work on your site.

After making your selections, click Save Changes.

Google Maps API

If you use the Advanced Search with Map template or have built your own Google Maps experience, use these settings to configure your site interfaces with the Google Maps API. RentPress uses the Google Maps Javascript API. For more information about how this works, visit Google’s documentation about the Maps API ↗.

Before you start using the Google Maps API, you need a project with a billing account and the Google Maps API enabled. For best results, you’ll want to enable access to the Places API, Maps JavaScript API, Maps Embed API, and Geocoding API. To learn more, see Get Started with Google Maps Platform ↗️.

Option Name: Google JS API Token

This key is required to access the Google API and retrieve maps information. This key will also be used to retrieve reviews when using the RentPress: Reviews Add-on. Your key can be found in the Google Developer Console.

For more info, see Google API Key Best Practices ↗.

Option Name: Default Center Latitude and Option Name: Default Center Longitude

By default, Google will return a map centered around all of your map pins. If you wish, you can override this behavior and choose your preferred center location. These fields are not required, but should be used simultaneously.

Option Name: Preferred Unit of Measurement

Use this option to choose whether to have your map measurements use Miles or Kilometers.

Google Analyics

When connected, shopper clicks and actions on RentPress templates will be automatically reported into your Google Analytics account. To find your tracking ID, go to your Google Analytics account and click on Admin in the sidebar. For more information, see Google Tracking ID and Property Number ↗️.

Option Name: Enable Google Analytics

Enable this option to use Google Analytics tracking on RentPress templates.

Option Name: Google Analytics Tracking ID

Enter your Tracking ID in this field to let RentPress report to your Analytics dashboard.

Schedule a Tour

If you are using an online tour scheduler on your website, use these settings to configure the customer flow.

Option Name: Tour CTA Button

Enable this option to show “”Schedule Tour” CTAs on RentPress included templates. When enabled, this CTA will replace “Request More Info” as the primary CTA for shoppers.

Option Name: Override Tour URL

By default, the “Schedule Tour” CTAs will link to /tour/ on your website. If you would like to send your customers to a different page, enable this option and fill out the following field.

Option Name: Tour URL

This field is for the link you would like to send your customers so that they can schedule a tour. Enter the entire URL in this field.

RentPress: Reviews Add-on

The RentPress: Reviews Add-on lets you display reviews on your website from Kingsley, Modern Message, and Google Places. RentPress: Reviews Add-on ↗️ is available as a separate download.

You won’t find any additional options in this section. For all Google requests, the Reviews Add-on will use the Google API Token from the above section, so it is recommended to fill that out.

For more information, see the article RentPress: Reviews Add-On.

RentPress: Yardi Toolkit Add-on

RentPress: Yardi Toolkit Add-on connects your website to advanced features from the Yardi Marketing API.

The Yardi Toolkit Add-on has its own settings page inside RentPress settings.

For more information, see the article RentPress: Yardi Toolkit Add-on.