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How can positive reviews help improve my ranking for SEO?

Table of Contents

Reviews are incredibly important for SEO, and their effects are felt in 2 distinct areas.

  1. Actual Ranking

First and foremost, SEO is directly impacted by reviews and overall star rating in GMB. Google’s ranking algorithm checks reviews. In fact, for the local pack, experts estimate that 15%-20% of the entire algorithm is review-based.  For normal search results, it still sits at 5%-10%. So, the better your reviews, the higher you rank for any/all search terms – ESPECIALLY if the review includes keywords, so include those in review responses.

  1. Improved Website Performance

The main goal of reviews is to drive the social proof for your business/building. This is where #2 comes in. Obviously, the better your star rating, the more likely users are to feel comfortable putting you on their short list. This translates directly to increased organic Click Through Rate (CTR) and overall website performance. If someone is more comfortable with their choice, their CTR, and CVR (Conversion Rate) goes up, meaning more leads for you. 

Consequently, increased Organic CTR ALSO means better ranking for all sections of search engines. User engagement with the website is also critical for Google’s algorithm.