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Check ResMan Data Feed

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Troubleshooting the Data Feed with ResMan

We recommend first checking your ILS listings since RentPress uses the same data feed as your ILS listings.

Use Another Tool

To check the data that ResMan is sending, you’ll need to visit the feed directly.

You’ll need:

  • An integration partner ID
  • An API Key
  • An account ID
  • The Property Code for the property you’re investigating

To view the ResMan data response, you will need a tool to help format the JSON that is returned. We recommend:

  • Postman development environment application – Link ↗

Contact Support

If you need further assistance, we recommend reaching out to ResMan directly for support. If they have questions specifically what RentPress is looking for, contact your 30 Lines Account Manager and we will be happy to assist as needed, or click here to submit a ticket.