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Add a Floor Plan Description

Table of Contents


Please note:

This document is for RentPress version 6 or earlier. If you are running version 7 and later, please reference RentPress Floor Plan Content (Version 7).

How To Add A Floor Plan Description


This article details how to add a description to a floor plan on your site. The built-in Single Floor Plan template will display the property description in the main info section by default. If your property data import source provides a floor plan description, that will be shown in the info section instead. You can also choose to enter a custom description for a floor plan.



You must have RentPress installed, at least one property, and a floor plan to add a description.

You must also have a text description for your floor plan. We recommend keeping it to one short paragraph – about 100-120 words. Formatting and HTML will be stripped out, so keep it as plain text.

Helpful articles:

Add your Description

Inside the edit screen for your floor plan, towards the top of the “Floor Plan Information” metabox, you will find a field labelled “Floor Plan Description.”

Paste your description in this field. Click the checkbox to enable “Override” on this field. Click the update button to save your changes. If you are using the included single floor plan template, you will now see the description on the page.


  • If your property data source provides a floor plan description, it is necessary to leave the Override checkbox enabled to prevent your custom description from rewriting itself.